I love actors. I love designers. I love playwrights. I love the magic we get to create. I love the rehearsal room. I love production meetings. I love the boundless opportunities of a bare stage. I love stillness. I love honest moments. I love when an audience isn't quite ready to say goodbye to an experience. I love that unlike many other art forms, theatre is not dependent upon the one, but upon the many. I truly love every step of the sacred, messy, turbulent, beautiful process.

It is this love that guides me as a director as I set out to serve a script. What is needed to tell the story? I don't need to leave my "artistic" fingerprints on a project, but instead I want to focus on the stories and the lives found therein. I don't know if there's anything more moving than witnessing actors truly, simply talking to one another.  

I rely on actors, writers, and designers. I rely on their expertise. I trust them. I trust the process. My job is to act as a guide. My job is to create a fertile, safe space where actors can make bold choices and be championed along the way.