"Ms. Force and Mr. Jones are unfailingly energetic." 
The New York Times

"Both performers (Jones and Huppuch) bring a suppressed anguish to their roles,
an almost unbearable intimation of their shattered possibility for happiness.
The New York Times

"...it is Judson Jones who OWNS THIS PLAY. As Jack, he is menacing innocence, replete
with the character’s complexities. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role."
Theatre Scene

"Jones, SMOLDERING as Jack, is wise to reveal his character's monstrous side
slowly, acknowledging criminals as the layered, pitiful creatures they are."

"There's no need to suspend disbelief for this coup de théâtre; it's totally believable."

"...the two cast members spend their stage time wisely and, quite literally, act up a storm."

"Judson Jones is EXCELLENT as Officer Spierling...Jones’s silences and stammers
are full and tender, and genuinely moving,"

"From the moment that Judson Jones' understatedly frantic officer wanders into a
hospital emergency room seeking treatment to the moment when he asks to see,
socially, the nurse who cared for him and whose brother was killed in the blast,
one cares deeply about these two victims of the Haymarket explosion."

"Judson Jones plays a wonderful nebbish...his little tics are a delight to watch..."
Broadway World

"Jones' indecision reverberates throughout his body and face..."
Talkin' Broadway

"Judson Jones shakes life into this harried soul, every flinch and twitch and painful memory playing over his face and through his body as if he were moving through an extended fever dream."
"If an actor is supposed to disappear into his role, this sturdy, considerate biker with a background in stage combat and stuntwork is the Invisible Man.  From the German student in The Soldier Dreams to the blind fan in Bleacher Bums to the Shepardian volcano in Fool for Love, ad glorium, this chameleon is more wizard than lizard."
The Austin Chronicle